Christopher Pope, ninth and tenth grade assistant principal.
Christopher Pope, ninth and tenth grade assistant principal.
Milan Owens

Spotlight: New Assistant Principal


Mill Creek welcomes in our new ninth and tenth grade assistant principal, Christopher Pope. This year he is working alongside Ms. Morton, our former AP of testing. Pope is a new addition to the support system and administration provided at Mill Creek. 

Welcoming Ms. Morton and Mr. Pope to the administrator position. (Milan Owens)

Friends and family would describe him as goofy, a great sense of humor, and strong minded. Pope’s day to day activities outside of school include working out five days of the week, for mental health. He received his undergraduate from Georgia State University for psychology and also his masters from Capella University. While in school for his master degree, Mr. Pope hopes by the time he gets to his 40’s he will be going after his doctorate, as he inspires young minds around us. Pope’s secret to success is his work life balance.

On his daily tasks here on campus, are being in charge on transportations, making sure students are where they are suppose to be, and checking up on staff and teachers. He promotes second chances and  believes in making sure students know that someone believes in them, no matter what happens. Pope continues to add, “That’s the only impact I worry about. Everything else will fall in place. “

“That supportive AP, the AP that’s going to hold their structure and keeping everybody held accountable. But also let’s say you did the worst of the worse. I still what you to feel like you know what, Mr. Powell has my back. A student can come back from this. he didn’t judge me. He didn’t make me feel bad about it. He had my back. And I’ve learned from it. That’s  the ap I hope to be.”

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As a team, when we had the interview, like everybody was their energy was positive and it felt like this is a place where I can come and grow and develop in this profession and not worry about you know, oh I got to do everything right. They have been so far like helpful, Miss Morton, Dr.Cook, and Dr. Husby, like I give them all praise . Whenever I need them, they always are what you need, we got your back. You necessarily don’t get that everywhere.”

— Mr. Pope Describes,

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