Favorite Learning Method Poll

March 7, 2023


Rachel Davies

Favorite learning method poll.

During fourth period lunch, a sample of 25 Mill Creek students were interviewed on what their favorite learning method was. They were asked the question, “Which learning method in the classroom do you enjoy the most?” 

The three choices provided to the students were notes, interactive sites, or group activities. 

Only 24% of students in the poll chose group activities. One of their reasons being that they enjoy sharing ideas with their classmates.

For interactive sites 32% of the students chose it. Once I specified, mentioning common interactive game sites such as Kahoot or Gimkit, many students claimed it was their favorite because it kept the classroom lively.

Leading the poll, nearly half of the vote (44%), were notes. Explanations given included that it was easier to be able to review with and that specifically written notes help you retain the material.


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