Spotlight: Dunnington Walters

March 2, 2023

Dunnington Walters is a junior at Mill Creek High School. He plays on the Mill Creek Football Team, Track and Field, and he also sings in the Mill Creek Quartet.

He joined the Mill Creek Football Team his freshman year of high school and he plays on special teams.  Walters strengths in football consist of perseverance and hard work, “Perseverance is a big one because I am short for my position. I feel I have to work a little bit harder than others.” Walters continues, “Being able to be teachable is important. Finding out what my mistakes are, but also listening for mistakes from others.”

Walters is also on the Mill Creek Quartet and has been singing since he was three years old, “Singing in general is more of a skill than just natural talent. It does help to be naturally gifted, but it is something you have to work on,” Walters continues, “Since I have been singing for a long time now, so I would say my biggest strength is confidence.”

He plans on applying to Morehouse College and is interested in getting a Law and Justice degree. Walters explains, “I want to get a Law and Justice degree so I can go into law enforcement, more specifically jobs like the FBI.”

His mom has always been a big inspiration for him, “She does a lot for me, she did everything for me when I was little. I did football, basketball, baseball, and track and she always put a smile on her face and took me there. She would always give me feedback and give me words of encouragement,” he continues, “She always did everything with a smile on her face and I never saw her break down.”





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