Spotlight: Skylar Strickland

March 1, 2023

Skylar Strickland, 11, posing for a picture.

Katinka Heyns

Skylar Strickland, 11, posing for a picture.

Skylar Strickland, 11, has been in DECA for two years, and is serving as the Assistant Vice President this school year. This past January, he competed and placed in the State Career Development Conference along with several other Mill Creek students.

When asked what his reaction was to placing 2nd in sports entertainment marketing, he said, “They randomly called the top eight up to the stage and I didn’t think I placed. When they called me up, I jumped out of my seat. I was really excited…but I was also a little bit disappointed too, because I knew I could have gotten first, so I’m really motivated to get first place next year.”

The role-play prompt he was given was from the perspective of a broadcasting company, asking the students to make a decision of whether they should release a specific show. Earning an overall score of 94, Strickland attributes his success to the work of his DECA advisor, Ms. Pasquinelli.

“She gives us a lot of tests and a lot of mock role-play. So [it] really helps you acclimate to the environment and allows you to understand it, giving us real life practice.”

The International Career Development Conference begins this upcoming April, and Mill Creek will be competing against thousands of other DECA students.

When asked whether he would attend the conference, he said, “No, it’s over prom, and I really want to go with my girlfriend, but it was a hard decision.”

Strickland enjoys spending time with friends and family, but hasn’t had a lot of time because of this new semester. DECA gives him the opportunity to have fun and engage in extracurricular activities.

“[DECA] is just a lot of fun because I know a few people that went to [the conference] with me…and I don’t know if they want to do anything in business in the future. But they went because it was so much fun. And we all just had a really great time together. It’s really fun to compete and be around all your friends.”

As a member of the EPIC program, he gives his thanks to the teachers and staff that have supported him throughout the school year.

“I really like EPIC. For other people like that aren’t in EPIC, it’s really like a family and all the teachers really support you. They all care about your well-being and if you’re getting your stuff done. Like Ms. Sanderson. Mr. Bennett, Mr. Harper, Ms. Wilson. Ms. Carmichael, Mr. Phillips… they’re all really great teachers. So it really feels like I have a support system. It’s more than just the STEM part. It’s how great the teachers are.”


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