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Sports Spotlight: Nate Eroh

January 26, 2023

Going from wanting to play basketball to playing in high school, Nate Eroh, 12, plays on the varsity boys basketball team. Asking Eroh what made him want to start basketball and continue it in high school he says, “My dad signed me up when I was younger and at first I didn’t really like it, but I kept practicing and watching other people play it so eventually I started to love doing it.”

Playing scrimmage, practice, and middle school going into high school is a major change for anyone. Asking Eroh what he felt was different he said, “The pace of the game just gets faster as you move along from these different levels. Another thing that changed was the atmosphere and just the amount of people who are there to watch you play.”

With that continuation; asking him if he plans on playing basketball after high school he says, “I’d love to play college basketball and see where I go from there.” 

Adding on his love for basketball after joining varsity his junior year. He says, “ Now I’m here and I’m just thankful I never stopped playing basketball because it brings me joy.”

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