Mill Creek Basketball Game Against Buford High School

January 24, 2023

It was a great matchup between Mill Creek and Buford High School basketball teams.  The first time the team went into overtime, the buzzer rang right as #23 on Buford’s team made a three pointer, making the score 56-56. This ended the fourth quarter, and now the teams had 4 more minutes on the clock.

Both student sections showed up that Tuesday, Jan. 10. Everyone was on the edge of their seats, the intense game was one for the books. Almost all scores were made back to back. 

 Overtime with 15 seconds left of the clock with 65-63. The game ended with Buford winning after 2 overtime by 77-74.

Some of the starting players had Being in overtime more than once 

Trajen Greco, 11, discussed, “It was a very intense game. You can say over time we came up short. We’ll go play them again. I was definitely frustrated because I know we could have won against Buford.”

Stephen Akwiwu,12, recently joined Mill Creek Basketball team. This will be his senior year and while he was at Mill Creek his freshman year, he did end up transferring to Buford, just to transfer back for his senior year. While he did plan on playing on Buford’s team and did find a home here at Mill Creek 

Forward, Akwiwu, said about losing the game , “ Well, I was a bit mad because I wanted the game to just end in the first four quarters. But obviously I wasn’t defeated. I knew we still had a great chance going into overtime, even though they did hit the shot, we had the momentum so I didn’t think it was that big of a deal.

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