Jacob Ulrich gets ready to kick at the Mountain View football game.

Abram Jones

Jacob Ulrich gets ready to kick at the Mountain View football game.

Jacob Ulrich Spotlight

Jacob Ulrich, 12, has recently accepted a full ride scholarship to Kennesaw State University for his position as kicker on the Varsity Football team.

“I played all four years at Mill Creek and have been playing football since third grade,” Ulrich continued by stating his interest in football started when his, “neighbor used to play for the NFL.”

“I originally played soccer and would kick it over the goal a lot. So my mom let me try football. And I was the kicker, though always got put as wide receiver because I was so tall. So in ninth grade I played wide receiver, but starting tenth grade I also started kicking and got a lot better and football became more fun after that.”

Ulrich said, “Well, right now next year’s kicker will be Brady Lane. And I love working with him. He’s hilarious. He has no common sense whatsoever, but I love him to death. He’s gonna be good. I train an eighth grade kid right now, he’s good as well. We’re set for kickers for a while,” Ulrich continued by including, “I didn’t really mentor Brady, per se. It’s just advice here and there. The eighth grader is always around the program and was a ball boy. We would kick during and after practice, he’s really taken off.”

As for his own experience Ulrich talked about his scholarship, “I get college paid for and playing is a lot of fun. Got a lot of good friends that I’ll know for a lifetime. Probably be at each other’s weddings and funerals,” Ulrich continued, stating his view on the game, “It’s a lot of time, it’s a lot of effort. That sometimes I wish I could have back, but at the end of it all, I’m glad I did it. And happy it worked out how it did.”

Ulrich finished by saying, “Always follow your dreams. If you have a dream, chase it no matter how outlandish it seems.”

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