Aiden Banfield, 11, at championship game. (PG Stewart)
Aiden Banfield, 11, at championship game.

PG Stewart

Mill Creek Playoffs

December 16, 2022

Mill Creek High School won the state championship Dec. 11, 2022. Leading up to the championship we asked players how they felt going into the game Saturday. Aiden Banfield, 11, said, “My goal for this game is to leave it all out there in the field. It’s our last game so we have to show out, and make them wish they never played Mill Creek. . . bringing the win home not only for Mill Creek but for the seniors on the team, they have been fighting for this for a long time.”

Asking Cole Mullins, 11, what his goal was for the championship he said, “The only goal for this game is to win. That’s the only goal.”

Continuing talking to Banfield, Asking him how it felt to play in the championship he said, “It’s a feeling unlike any other, me personally I don’t like to think about how big the game is because when it comes down to it it’s just another game, and it’s just another team who were about to send home crying.”

After Mill Creek’s win, 70 to 35, setting a new record for state championship points scored in a game, it became a huge win for the players. Talking to Nick Denick, 12, he says, “It feels great but also unreal like it’s a dream.”

Knowing this playoff game left a mark on Mill Creek, we asked players how they think the win vs Carrollton will affect them in future years. Banfield said, “This win just shows that even our toughest goals can be achieved next year. We just have to repeat the process, put in the work, and get back to state next year.”

Adding on, Mullins said, “Next year it sets the standard for next year which will hopefully motivate the team.”

With getting to the state championship we asked players what they think their motivation for winning the title of state champs was. Mullins said, “What influenced us the most was trying to get our coaches their first ring.”

Denick also stated, “Our loss to Buford is what I would say is what “lit the fire” and got us going in the playoffs.”

Adding on, Banfield said, “State has been a dream for all of us for a very long time, and we knew that this was the last ride for a lot of us, and that’s what drove us to want to go this far, just leaving it all out on the field every game.”

Bringing up the question of how it feels to be a part of the team that made history for school, Denick said, “It hasn’t set in yet and I don’t think it will until graduation and I reflect on my senior year.”

Setting records, leaving an impression, and bringing more school spirit to the game. Banfield said, “It feels unreal being the first team to win a state championship for Mill Creek, and all the records we broke that game, it’s just unbelievable.”

Cam Robinson, 11, and Cooper Bothwell, 12, celebrating a touchdown at championship game. (PG Stewart)
Jacob Ulrich, 12, kicking at football championship game. (PG Stewart)
Nick Denick, 12, at state championship (PG Stewart)
Nick Maxey, 12, Cole Mullins, 11, and Bryce Bothwell, 12, playing in state championship game. (PG Stewart)
Aiden Banfield, 11, and Cooper Bothwell, 12, championship game. (PG Stewart)
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