The Sparrow cast on finale closing night at the school. (Ella Harper )
The Sparrow cast on finale closing night at the school.

Ella Harper

The Sparrow

October 31, 2022

Kai Daniels, 11, in, “The Sparrow.”
Ethan Rogers, 12, as Sheriff Rosenthal. (Ella )

On Oct. 14-15, the Mill Creek Theater department put on, “The Sparrow.” The show is centered around Emily Book, played by Mattie Gross, 12. Book was the only survivor of a tragic school bus accident. Ten years later, she returns to the small town of Spring Farm to finish her senior year of high school. She sought guidance from her biology teacher, Mr. Christopher, played by David Shin, 12. She was also befriended by head cheerleader, Jenny McGrath, played by Kai Daniels, 11. Book’s true desire is to remain unseen, however when McGrath’s life is threatened, Book’s steps into action revealing her telekinetic superpowers. From then on her secret was glorified by the town, but the secret of her past still lingers.

David Shin, 12, and Kai Daniels, 11, slow dancing together in, “Sparrow.” (Ella Harper)
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