Coach Jackson back in classroom and the field

Graduate of 2018, Adrian Jackson, known as Coach Jackson by many students, has returned to Mill creek. Jackson coaches mainly freshman football here at Mill creek. 

Jackson had decided to return to inspire those students around him. His position here is the stellar substitute. You may find his office right before heading to the curriculum office.

Jackson goes on to describe his four years at Mill Creek. Jackson said “ I would say I enjoy high school and my years here. I actually liked coming to school to see my friends. And the athletics here made everything so much better.”

During his four years Jackson played both football and baseball. He played mainly football, his position was tight end and a hybrid wide receiver. Also continued to play football in college.

Jackson attended Kennesaw University and majored in criminal justice, however, while he was attending college, Covid-19 had begun and he decided to go elsewhere.  

He decided to come to Mill Creek to find better opportunities for his career. “I felt like me being a younger influence might be better for some of the older teachers. Like maybe I can have a better influence on these students,” said Jackson.”

— Coach Jackson

Jackson mentions the differences in teaching styles now and when he was in high school and goes on to say “Now teachers had more flexibility with the way they teach and how they go about things.” 

Coach Jackson has a dog as he describes it as his covid dog. He is not married with no children at the moment. He spends his free time watching football and hanging out with his friends. He goes on to say, “I still have the same friends from high school and we still hang out,”

 He would describe himself as cut and dry, a simple man. Jackson doesn’t fully know what the future holds here at Mill Creek but coaching football here is something he wants to keep doing.