Courtesy of Anslee Appling

This year’s Creek Freaks: Lex Erwin, 12; Anslee Appling, 12; Alyssa Lewis, Ridley Ivester, 12; and Trey McCall, 12; on Senior Friday.

Class of 2023 Carries Out 19-Year-Old School Tradition, Senior Friday

For some, senior year is the easiest year of high school, for others it is the most stressful. While junior year is filled with a multitude of standardized tests, senior year is filled with uncertainty about the future. To ease this uncertainty, schools have events and traditions specifically for that year’s graduating class. One such tradition is Mill Creek’s own Senior Friday. Senior Friday is the replacement to the myth of Freshman Friday. Instead of tormenting the school’s newest additions, the school celebrates the graduating class. This year’s Senior Friday consisted of around 80 seniors dressing in black and storming the commons at around 7 am. The Creek Freaks, led by Lex Erwin, 12, brandishing a Mill Creek flag, climbed atop a lunch table while the remaining participants surrounded the table. Erwin then proceeded to shout the words every participating senior knew, ‘GIVE ME AN M!’


— Lex Erwin

After the chant concluded, the now energized crowd lingered in the back of the lunch room and only started to disperse once the first bell of the day rang. When asked how she believed the event went, Creek Freak Anslee Appling, 12, replied “I would say the chant went really and everyone showing up was really exciting.” While one of the participants Destinee Edwards, 12, enjoyed the chant overall, she remarked, “I would have loved to have the drumline and cheerleaders, and I wish we had done a runaround with the flag.” Edwards recalled the seniors doing that her freshman year. Appling also commented on the lack of the drumline saying, “we didn’t know that they had to be contacted by us.” She did however mention at the end of the interview that they were planning to do an event later in the year and include the drumline.

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