Mill Creek Finishes Two Week AP Testing

May 10, 2023


Rachel Davies

AP Exam schedule displayed in the commons

May 12, concludes the last day of the regular scheduled Advanced Placement (AP) testing at Mill Creek High School. Students of all grade levels took various exams in an attempt to earn college credits for their respective colleges.

Many sophomore students took their first AP exam this year on the subject World History.

Zaina Davies, 11, said “It was my first AP exam, so I came prepared and brought everything I might need…including a watch, a sandwich and some mints.”

In contrast, other students found difficulty with the math and science subjects.

When asked which exam she found the most difficult, Gabi Mider, 12, “My hardest AP had to be Statistics. The math questions were very long and tedious which messed me up.”

May 16 is the last day for all AP exam testing including makeup exams.

Sophia Gonzalez, 12, gives her final thoughts saying, “I’m so glad it’s over. It’s nice to be done with everything now that AP exams are over and I’m exempt from finals. I feel very accomplished.”

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