Wings #LLCP by Birdy choreographed by, Julia McDonough, 11.
Wings #LLCP by Birdy choreographed by, Julia McDonough, 11.

2023 Spring Dance Concert

May 2, 2023

On April 13 to April 15, the Mill Creek Dance Department put on their semi-annual spring dance concert. Starting off act one was fifth period dance performing to, “Pump it Up,” by Kendrick Lamar and Joe Budden. Second to perform was second period danced to, “Missing You,” by Blake McGrath. Then fourth period dance was performed to, ” Someone in the Crowd,” by Emma Stone.

Next was Mill Creek dance students, Jessica Casheba, 12, Allie hall, 11, Eden Kahiga, 12, Julia Mcdonough, 11, Lexi Teany, 10, Annie Torres, 10 and Mackenzie Vasquez, 12 performed to, “Janet,” by Janet Jackson. First period dance followed and danced to, “It’s Raining Men,” by The Weather Girls. Then seventh period performed, “All You Want to Do,” from the Broadway play, “SIX.” Fifth period danced to the song, “Woo,” by Rihanna.

Fourth Period performing,”Spice,” by Spice Girls Mix. (Lydia Roberts)

Then the duo, Autumn Newton, 12, and Destinee Edwards, 12, performed to, “Survive,” by Gloria Gaynor. Next, second period dance performed to, “Poker Face,” by Lady Gaga. Then Mill Creek dancers, Dani Banos, 12, Edwards, Kahiga, Taylor Keister, 10, Macy Kohberger, 10, Reece Helms, 12, Katie Howell, 12, Maddie Redmon, 9, and Vasquez performed, “Fix It,” by Clinton Kane. The was followed by fourth period dance performed, “Ladies Night,” by Lil’Kim.

Next, dance student, Elle Willis, 12, performed a solo to, “No Time to Die.” by Billie Eilish. Then, M. Vasquez and Kahiga performed, “See you Soon,” by The Head and the Heart. Next, first period danced to, “Not About Angels,” by Birdy. Seventh period performed to, “Sweet Melody,” by Little Mix. Finishing up Act One was fifth period and they danced to, “Home,” by Gabrielle Aplin.

Starting off Act Two, was the Senior Dance performed by the 2023 seniors. Next was Jessica Casheba and she performed, “Hollow,” by Tori Kelley. Following was dance duo, Helms and Katie Howell, performed to, “Rescue,” by Lauren Daigle. Then, second period danced to, “Goodies,” by Ciara.

The, fourth period danced to, “Spice,” from the Spice Girls Remix. Next up was first period, in which they performed, “Let Go,” by Ark Patrol. Then fifth period performed to, “Hold My Hand,” by Lady Gaga. Then seventh period performed to, “Still Don’t Know My Name,” by Labrinth. Following, Vasquez performed to, “One More Hour,” by Tame Impala. Then, second period danced to, “Beautiful people,” by Fergie. Then, fifth period performed to, “Wings,” by Birdy, dedicated to Caitlin Pollack.

Then, fourth period performed to, “Don’t Stop the Music,” by Rihannna. Then, first period danced to, “Dive in the Pool,” by Barry Harris. Next, seventh period danced to, “Let’s Get Loud,” by Jennifer Lopez. Finishing up the show was fifth period, and they danced to, “MIB,” by Will Smith.

End of, “Goodies,” by Ciara, performed by Second period. (Lydia Roberts)


2023 Spring Dance Concert Photo Essay

Mill Creek Dance Show: Photo Essay

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