Athlete Spotlight: Lena Queen

May 16, 2023

Lena Queen, 10, playing basketball against the Mountain View Lady Bears.
Credit: Abby Reamer

Lena Queen, 10, is a student athlete that takes multiple Advanced Placement (AP) classes and is a part of multiple extracurricular activities.

Queen is a member of three sports teams, basketball, flag football, and golf. When asked about what her favorite part of being a member of multiple sports teams is, Queen says, “The programs at Mill Creek are so good and the coaches are a huge part of that. When I get to participate in different things with so many different people, it’s a really great experience.” Since she is on multiple sports teams, Queen has a various number of coaches that she works together with. She says, “Morgan Simmons and Jeremy Huckaby are probably some of my favorite coaches out of the ones that I’ve had. Thanks to them, I’ve become much better at basketball and my character has grown. They’ve really helped me a lot, both on and off the court.”

At this point in time, Queen is about halfway through her high school experience. With her being a part of many clubs and extracurricular activities, Queen says, “I’d probably say basketball is the best experience that I’ve had so far. There are so many different things that I’ve participated in that it isn’t easy to pick, but basketball is probably at the top. There are so many great memories from playing, like when we got our revenge against Dacula or even freshman year. A runner-up on my list would have to be soccer from freshman year; it was a lot of fun last year, but I decided to play golf for my third sport instead this season.”

Queen is not only a multiple sport but is a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), Beta Club, and takes three AP classes. She takes AP Environmental Science, AP Seminar, and AP World History. With so much on her plate, Queen has a lot to manage day by day throughout the school year. Queen says, “I’d say it’s not that difficult to manage everything once you’re used to it, but you definitely have to get used to being so busy.” Queen has proved her ability to juggle her busy schedule with her 4.25 GPA.

Queen has already been thinking about plans regarding her future. “I know that I’m going into the medical field. I might want to do biomedical engineering or maybe even become a doctor or a surgeon,” she says. Queen has achieved a great amount by only her second year in high school. When asked if she has any advice for any other student athletes or AP kids, she says, “Just work hard. Even if it seems like a lot, just know that you can do anything you put your mind to and that you’ll pull through in the end.”

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