College Application Day


Madilyn Lineberry

Media Center staff and counselors help seniors prepare for college

Madilyn Lineberry, Editor-in-Chief

Chris Burnette, a counselor at Mill Creek whose helping seniors with college applications states, “We’ve meet with every senior already to go over their classes needed for graduation and get them started on the college application process. So November’s apply to college month, so a lot of colleges waive the application process. This is away for us to get students in here, with an application submitted usually for free. But some are working on Georgia features accounts, some are working on the common app.”

The application college day has been going on before Burnette came to Mill Creek, “We had a lot of students submit their application for free, so they don’t have to pay fees and those can be pretty steep. We even had Georgia Tech waiver their fee this year, which hasn’t happen in the past. So that was a pretty steep application fee those applicates were able to avoid,” says Burnette.
Burnette finishes by saying, “We’re able to help students, and it’s a hurdle we can do together as a group, you know, we can help them through that.”