Hour-Long Lunches or Homerooms

Hour-long lunches have been a debate ever since Fall of 2020 around Covid times. On one hand, most students want an hour lunch again. On the other hand, teachers and staff want to keep the homerooms for educational purposes. 

Does homeroom really help kids study or is it pointless? Anna Marusarz,11, stated her opinion by saying, “I think hour lunches would be a good thing because if the whole argument is that homerooms give students a time to study, most students end up studying in lunch anyways and not in homeroom.” 

Asking an athlete’s perspective, Cole Mullins, 11, said “It’s nice to get your homework done, extra work, and study. . . it does help a lot with football.” Taking in different viewpoints and different schedules homeroom seems to benefit other students.

Asking Principal Lane if he felt homerooms are necessary, he says, “There is a possibility of doing an advisement schedule where we add a block of time on our class to go over those materials….homeroom is necessary in some form or fashion.”

This creates the question, is there a point to having a homeroom? Marusarz, also said, “In my experience of 3 years of having a homeroom, every single time, it’s just filled with students on their phones and doing nothing. Seems pretty pointless to me.”

Asking Mr. Lane if he thinks giving kids a break is better for our school day, after our school has been made around homerooms? He says, “I think giving kids a break and giving teachers and staff a chance to have a break is important. . . .When Covid came into effect, as a way to give more separation… We’ve always had homerooms for freshmen and sophomores.”  After showing other viewpoints, the topic has been a big conversation in Mill Creek High School.