Bubble Movie Review


"Soap bubble" by Raphaël Quinet is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. -- Courtesy of Creative Commons

“Bubble” is a sci-fi romance set in post-apocalyptic Tokyo, Japan.

In a post-apocalyptic film set in Tokyo, Japan, Bubble follows a group of orphans and their two guardians living in a huge bubble surrounding the city. The city is submerged underwater from a mysterious raining of bubbles that caused mass chaos and panic. Most of the population left the city except a handful of teenagers who stuck around for a dangerous game called “Battlekour,” a extreme version of parkour that utilizes the strange gravity and chaotic atmosphere.

Produced by WIT studios, Bubble is the story of Hibiki, a hypersensitive boy who constantly has noise canceling headphones on, and Uta, a mysterious girl who changes Hibiki’s life forever. As they become closer, Uta’s secret and her connection to the strange bubbles that have taken over their city becomes more and more clear. Through Battlekour, Hibiki and Uta are able to connect and help each other let go of their fears.
With a soundtrack composed by Hiroyuki Sawano, Bubble is a heartwarming coming-of-age story full of sci-fi intrigue, romance, humor, and a beautiful plot that will leave you without doubt on why it’s rated 4.7/5 on Google and has rave reviews on its animation. Bubble is a must watch and a breathtaking story that will have you in awe.