Spotlight: KT Lambright

KT Lambright, 12, managing the tech booth for Mill Creek’s theater production of The Hobbit.

Many of the vital parts of any performance are made possible by those who work behind the scenes. This was displayed in Mill Creek’s recent production of The Hobbit on April 14 and 15. KT Lambright, 12, who was a stage manager for the show, knows about this first-hand, and in an interview, told about the responsibilities of being the stage manager.

“[Stage managers] basically do everything. Like yesterday I was helping with props, then mics, you have to be ready to do anything,” Lambright said.

Stage manager is a very prominent position in theater. They make sure that everyone has a job to do and that the jobs are getting done correctly. This isn’t always easy, especially when working with friends.

“When you’re a stage manager, you really have to be the stage manager,” Lambright said. “Sometimes you have to have rough conversations with your friends, like if they’re not doing what they’re supposed to be doing, and I think that’s probably the hardest part.”

Lambright is the Director of Tech, which is an officer position offered at Mill Creek. She started out in her freshman year by handling the pulley system for the curtains. During this, she got to work with an assistant stage manager (ASM) and see how they run the show.

Over the course of Lambright’s senior year, she was an ASM for The Outsiders and A Christmas Carol. During these shows, other stage managers showed her how the position worked. For her final show, The Hobbit, Lambright became stage manager.

“You kind of have to take that path — you have to be mentored, then you have to be the mentor,” Lambright said.

Lambright and the rest of the stage crew for The Hobbit worked hard for months getting everything together, and on April 14, the Mill Creek Theater held the show’s opening night.

“Seeing everything come together…it’s like all the hard work has finally paid off. Like going from the first day where we’re just reading through scripts to now is just great,” Lambright said.

Though it is bittersweet to watch a show come to an end, it was still joyful for both the cast and crew, and many great memories were made.