International Night

Phoebe Yoon, 11, smiles big for a picture in her traditional Korean Hanbok as she celebrates her culture at International Night.

International night has become an increasingly anticipated event for all students who want to celebrate and cherish their roots at Mill Creek High School. This year’s International night was no different. On March 15th, Phoebe Yoon, 11, and her fellow students attended the festivities and even held their own booth. Yoon, a Korean-American, celebrated her own Korean heritage and culture by dressing up in the traditional Hanbok.

“For me, International night was a chance for me to finally embrace my culture with people of similar culture around me. Even though I know the point was to embrace varying cultures, I’ve never had difficulty with that. I find that it’s actually harder for me to accept my own, and International night helped me do this by giving me the chance to show off my background and ethnicity,” Yoon said.

Many students decided to set up their own booths; you could visit many countries from Vietnam to Germany, and more. Each booth had its own decorations and even foods to try from each country.

“My favorite part of international night was seeing the looks on people’s faces as they passed by each booth. Seeing the excitement to experience different cultures through food and games just brought everyone together in a way that’s different from when we’re just in the same room as one another,” said Yoon.

Dozens of students showed up to International night in hopes to discover new countries to visit and explore, all while appreciating and educating themselves on each country’s unique history and culture.

“I was part of the South Korean Booth, but my favorite booth to visit was probably the Vietnamese booth. Their traditional clothing was beautiful and their coffee was probably the best I’ve ever had – 10/10!” said Yoon.