Bryson Taylor signing to New Mexico University

Bryson Taylor mom and little brother supporting him at Signing day.

Bryson Taylor, 12, has officially signed to the New Mexico University football team, as one of their new safety recruits. New Mexico is a D1 school in football.

Taylor is a senior here at Mill Creek, and has been playing football for five years. All four years here on our team.

On signing day, he announced that he will be attending New Mexico University.
When Taylor was asked why he decided to go to a school that was more than 1,000 miles away and with no family in-state. Taylor responded with “I feel like it’s the best fit for me.”

What attracted Bryson to New Mexico was the coaches. Taylor added “ The coaches were the best I talked to, at the end of the day they were my favorite. And my coaches here were like it’s far so make sure you’re sure about it. “New Mexico talked to them too, and after they felt like it was a good fit as well.”

In total Bryson Taylor received offers from all five. The list includes; Houston Baptist, Presbyterian,,, In the end New Mexico will be receiving one of Mill Creek’s finest safeties coming the following year.