Spotlight: Liz Amoroso


Courtesy of Liz Amoroso

Liz Amoroso, 12, winner of Mill Creek Idol.

Liz Amoroso, 12, competed in the Mill Creek Idol and won first place. She has been in chorus since third grade and first decided to join to be with her friends, “Everybody else did it and then I fell in love with it.” Amoroso became extremely involved with singing not only through chorus but also through singing karaoke for fun.

Amoroso first realized her potential through her elementary school teachers, “My elementary school teacher was the first teacher that told me that I have a voice. That I should pursue singing. Then my middle and high school teacher really made an impact because they encouraged me to do it.” Amoroso mentioned she had stage fright when she was younger but her Mill Creek Idol performance in her freshman year that really got her into performing.

Amoroso also went on to audition for the real American Idol, “The first time I was a sophomore and the audition was live in person, I tried out in front of one producer and made it through one audition.” She was turned down due to the producers feeling she wasn’t mature enough, and told her to return when she was older. Amoroso made her return her junior year, “I had to do the audition that year on zoom and made it through four auditions. I was cut before the audition in front of the celebrities.”

Amaroso says she will eventually return to American Idol or another competition show eventually, “ Getting cut was a big obstacle in my singing career.”

She does have plans to go to college at UNG in Gainesville. She has plans to major in secondary education, “I am trying to decide what I want to teach exactly, but I am thinking about chemistry or history.”

Amoroso plans to incorporate music into her life in the future by performing gigs, writing her own songs or creating music.