Winter activities


Isabelle Clinger

A snow-covered Gwinnett county glistens with possibilities of fun.

In the busiest and the most chaotic time of the year, despite the craziness, there are so many activities to enjoy. From skating with your friends, to cozying up with hot cocoa, the winter season has so many wonderful outings to experience and memories to create. Here are the Top 5 winter activities ranked by yours truly.

Coming in at number five, heading to a local cozy cafe and snuggling up with a book and sipping your favorite warm drink is a wonderful way to spend the holiday season either in alone time or with a significant other or close friend!

For number four, bundling up and going for a walk in your neighborhood to see all the decorations and lights each house has to offer is another amazing way to absorb the holiday cheer.

Number three in enjoyable winter activities is taking winter photos with your family or just soloing it! Throw on some warm boots and a scarf and get rolling with your camera. They can be used for social media or even as family photos to hang on your wall.

Second to last is heading to the local ice skating rink and getting your skates on! You may take a minute to get your balance in order, but leaning on a friend or significant other makes it ten times as enjoyable! You can also grab some hot cocoa while you’re there to fully enjoy the experience.

Lastly, to truly enjoy the winter season and holidays, the best thing to do is spend time with family and friends and by choosing any of the activities from this list, you’ll be guaranteed fun in the winter season.