The Pelham sisters tackle Flag Football together

Sisters Delilyah and Adrianna Pelham take the flag football team by storm.

Many siblings attend high school together, but few get the chance to play on the same varsity level sports team. Sisters Delilyah Pelham, 12, and Adrianna Pelham, 10, are a rare case as they both play on the Varsity Flag Football team.The situation was not intentional with both sisters trying out on their own accord and for different reasons, the experience has strengthened their bond on and off the field.

Senior Delilyah is a returning starter from last year’s Area Championship team, she initially joined as a joke but stayed because of the competitive environment. While her younger sister, Adrianna, joined this year for fun new experience and as an effort to stay in shape for track. Both have been impactful this season in their respective positions, Delilyaha on both sides of the ball as a running back and cornerback, and Adrianna as a strike on defense.

Like all siblings the two have their disagreements and know how to push each other’s buttons. However, they both agree that the upsides of having a sister on the team outweigh the downsides; having a built-in training partner elevates both their bond on and off the field. “When I help her warm up for a certain play it helps us both get ready to play to our best ability,” Adrianna said.

The trust already established between the pair has especially helped Adrianna, who is a newcomer to the team this year. “When I need someone to talk to her I can go to her and on the field if I give her the ball I trust that she will take it and get the job done,” she said. This trust has only become stronger during their time on the team through practice and time on the field.

Similar to most sibling dynamics, the Pelham sisters like to keep things competitive, making the football field a perfect outlet. “Having a sister on the team always makes things more competitive, because we are each trying to be better than the other. There is always a constant competition to see who the better one is,” Delilyah said.