What students really think of Digital Learning Days


Sean MacEntee courtesy of Creative Commons

Students had their third digital learning day on Tuesday, November 9.

This Tuesday marked the third digital learning day of the school year. Digital learning days are one of the many new procedures implemented this year due to lingering Covid-19 protocols. With six digital learning days dispersed over the 2021-2022 school year, it has proven to be one of the more popular new procedures. Many students have noted that digital learning days have a lighter workload and give them a much needed break.

Last year schools were given multiple calendars to review, including options with staggered starts and digital learning days. The final calendar included both, with digital learning days doubling as teacher planning days.“The teachers would plan the lessons and provide them for students to have an asynchronous self-learning day, which allows the teachers four full days to do the planning that they need to do,” Gwinnett County Public Schools Associate Superintendent for School improvement and Operations Steve Flynt said via Gwinnett Daily Post.

These days allow students to sleep in, stay in their pajamas all day, and eat anytime they want, juniors Amellia King and Hien Bui pointed out.

Despite King and Bui’s appreciation for digital learning days, they agree that the amount in place right now is the perfect amount. “If there were too many I would probably end up hating them,” King said.