Students attend Music Midtown after a year hiatus


Sebastian Ervi on Creative Commons

Music Midtown was held on Sept. 18-19.

After a year hiatus due to Covid, Music Midtown returned over the weekend, with many students joining in on the two-day event at Piedmont Park. In order to attend, participants had to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test or be fully vaccinated. Despite the lingering safety protocols, high humidity, and intermittent rain, an estimated 50,000 people gathered in attendance.

Over 30 artists performed with festival headliners, including Miley Cyrus, Maroon 5, and the Jonas Brothers. Many artists, like Miley Cyrus, addressed the past year and its effect on live music, noting how much they had missed performing. “This is what it’s really about: It’s about standing next to somebody and this appreciation for music being greater than any divide,” Cyrus said.

Favorite artists of students included Miley Cyrus, Meg Thee Stallion, Machine Gun Kelly, and 21 Savage. The artists’ passion for their music seemed to transfer to the crowd, as many festival-goers, like Aaron Ferguson, 12, noted performers’ enthusiasm. “All of the artists were great performers and were very interactive with the crowd. They all sounded amazing and you could see how much they loved being there and performing,” said Ferguson.

For many of the students in attendance, such as Alexis Fronzak, 12, it was their first major event since the beginning of the pandemic. “The whole experience was super exciting and gave me a thrill. It was one of the best weekends of my life. Everyone was just happy and vibing,” said Fronzak.