Baseball Season at Mill Creek

Cole Mullins, 9, waiting to bat

Baseball season at Mill Creek High School started February, and is scheduled to end in April.

As of March 10, JV has played 8 games, 9th grade has played 9, and Varsity has played 10.

“I think we have a very good team this year with a lot of talent. Everyone’s getting along well and we’re having fun,” Joseph Montgomery, 9, said.

The 9th grade team has 4 wins (via Mill Creek Baseball).

“Our season didn’t start off amazing, but it’s getting better as the season goes on. We’re starting to play like a team. We still have a lot to work on to be at the level we want to be, but we’re on the right track for our goal we’re hoping to reach by the end of the season,” Brandon Brown, 9, expressed.

Nick Austin, 9, said, “We could work on pitching, but the season is going good so far.”

As for JV, they also have 4 wins (via Mill Creek Baseball).

“I think the team so far has been playing good, but we can always be better. We just need to work better as a team,” Wesley Farmer, 10, said.

“The only reason we have losses is because of our miscommunications. I feel like this season if we keep our heads up and play our game, we can win playoffs!” Hunter Pirkle, 10, said.

The next 9th grade game is on March 11 against Peachtree Ridge, at Peachtree Ridge

Jv also plays again on March 11 against Peachtree Ridge, at Peachtree Ridge.

Varsity plays March 10 against Loganville, at Mill Creek.