Ivy Day 2021 Quietly Approaches

April 6, 2021. Unofficially known by angsty college applicants as Ivy Day. Just 21 days from now, seniors across the country will receive college decisions that could potentially change their lives forever.

On this day, all eight Ivy-League colleges and universities release their college decisions, but decisions are not limited to only these schools. Many similarly prestigious institutions also release their decisions alongside the Ivies.

For any Mill Creek Seniors expecting decisions on Ivy Day, here are a few things to expect:

Decisions are released sometime around 7 PM EST, meaning that hundreds of thousands of anxious teens and their parents will slow down the application portals to gradual speeds. Students may not be able to access their portals for up to an hour after decisions are released.

Before COVID, many of these institutions offered in-person admit weekends in hopes of influencing undecided students into joining the student body. Needless to say, if schools decide to hold admit weekends, they will most likely be virtual.

Now, with COVID still wreaking havoc in the United States, colleges have seen record breaking highs in the number of applications that have been submitted to them. This has no doubt resulted in an incredibly selective admissions process, so if you get the short end of the stick, it does not reflect poorly on your abilities as a student. It is important to remember that the selection process has a certain level of randomness that cannot be overlooked.

“I’m not expecting too much to be honest. I’m proud of myself for getting this far in the college process and I’m really happy to have been privileged enough to take part in it.😘,” said YungEun Le, 12.

On Ivy Day, Le is awaiting decisions from about 15 schools.