AP Exams And What to Expect

Following the impromptu 2020 AP Exams, College Board has drastically changed the format and execution for the 2021 administration.

In a typical, non-COVID-19 year, Advanced Placement Exams consisted of sitting down in a room packed with other students for about three hours. In 2020, the nature and mystery of the Coronavirus forced the College Board to administer 45-minute Free-Response exams, which many higher-learning institutions were reluctant to accept.

The College Board recently released the highly-anticipated AP Exam schedule and testing options. They have decided to offer students the option of taking their exams digitally or in-person, which they hope will increase the accessibility of the tests to all communities.

“If your school can’t offer AP Exams in person because of COVID-19, at-home testing can be authorized in most subjects. Both in-person and at-home AP Exams will be full length,” tweeted The College Board.

Registration for digital or in-person exams is due on March 10. Students who do not fill out the form will automatically be signed up for in-person exams.