Should Students get Vaccines?


Mufid Majnun on Unsplash

Vaccinations of Students is an important thing to do to get through this pandemic.

With Covid Cases still on the rise, many students are still at risk to catch and spread covid, as of right now the county has decided to start giving vaccines to teachers and staff starting on the 8th. If teachers get the vaccine there shouldn’t be any reason for students to not get the vaccine, it makes sure the virus isn’t spread amongst the students, if only the teachers are vaccinated then what’s the point if students are still getting sick and spreading the virus?. We asked a Student If they feel like Most Students should get vaccines and this is what they said, “Do you believe that students should get the vaccine? Yes and no, at the moment some of the vaccines being handed out seem to give side effects that aren’t desirable, most people at the moment are unsure whether they work or are safe, I believe that eventually, yes all students should take the vaccine, but I feel like everyone should wait until they make them a little bit safer for use.” Tien Nguyen, 9, said.