“JOESTAR The Inherited Soul” Event information


Isaiah Fernandez

The Event will Likely contain a special announcement about part 6 of the JoJo anime

The Joestar Inherited soul event is an event giving announcements for the series, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. The event will feature the voice actors of the protagonists of parts One-Five and the event serves as a celebration for the series overall. Tickets for this event are already available in Japan, and worldwide streaming of this event is being worked on and information will be released at a later time, the scheduled day for this event is April 4, 2021. As a bonus, every month so far there has been a sort of countdown for the event being held called the Joestar radio, each month two voice actors of each part will be featured and answer questions and talk about their favorite scenes to work on, so far parts One-Four have been completed and the part Five radio should be releasing soon.