How to Self-Study a Foreign Language

Mill Creek offers many language courses for students to take. Spanish, French, German, and Latin are the only language courses offered, so the lack of variety can often feel constricting and forced.

While there is a two-year language course requirement in order to graduate, sometimes students must choose between continuing a language they love for the third or fourth year and another course. Oftentimes, students choose the other course. Some students are glad they finished their requirement all while wishing they could learn a language they are more interested in, but never had the option to.

Soon, the knowledge gained from those two years of a language course is thrown away and replaced with unrelated knowledge. Students often assume that because they aren’t taking the course anymore, they can’t continue learning the language, or better yet, they don’t know how to.

The reality of the situation is that anyone can learn or continue learning a language at their own pace. The limitless resources of the digital age can be accessed from a single click of a mouse. If a student wanted to learn Korean, for example, the website How to Study Korean has absolutely everything there is to know and learn about the Korean language completely free of charge. Apps like Duolingo, Babbel, and Memrise offer many free resources to get each student started on their language learning journey.

If a student wanted to continue a class like Spanish, but had to replace it with another course for whatever reason, these resources are also available to them. If anyone wanted to learn or continue learning a language, all they really need to do is dedicate a few minutes of study every day to the areas they would like to improve on.

Those who spend more time studying it, learn the language much faster. Someone that started learning a language from scratch could potentially be able to converse naturally with a fluent speaker in just six months!