North Gwinnett Vs Mill Creek Girls Soccer Team


Milan Owens

Mill Creek girls soccer team with only one point ahead of North Gwinnett.

The girl’s Mill Creek soccer team battled against North Gwinnett this past tuesday evening. The game took place here at Mill Creek High School stadium.

With the season coming to a start, the girls had some things to say about their overall performance against North.

Arianna Manrique,12, said “Personally I don’t think it was my best game. I could have finished a few more of my chances so I hope I improve the next game.”

“Personally I feel like I could have done better in the game, but I had to remember that it was my first game back after an injury. I think I can improve in the next game by trying to be more involved in our attack,” says Nicole Ward,12.

Our girls won with a final score of 4-0.

There were fouls from both teams but every player brought energy and worked really hard during the game. The crowd was somewhat scattered but remained in the same area of the bleacher of the football stadium.

One of the forwards on the team, Savannah Singleton, 12, said, “Each team came out hard and strong for the first 15 minutes. We had a lot of scoring opportunities after the first goal and then half time came around we couldn’t let ourselves lose focus on still hustling and then we kept our calm. We started controlling the ball, finding space, crossing it, got more goals and the game was over.”

The game really got somewhere after Savannah scored the first goal, putting Mill Creek in the lead with 1-0. The game was aggressive but the girls knew North Gwinnett would be a good opponent. In the end everyone to the parents and the players came out strong and with good attitudes.