Spotlight: Sam Schiesser


Madilyn Lineberry

Sam Schiesser is a sophomore this year.

Sam Schiesser is sophomore this year, who recently came out as transgender. “About six or seventh grade, I had a highly feminine phase, but it didn’t feel like me. And at first I thought I was a tomboy,” Schiesser continued. “As I got older, I realized that it was more the feminine part that I didn’t like and not so much just the clothes, makeup, and more. It helped me realize I wanted to be a dude and not just a girl who dressed like a dude.”

Schiesser says, “I’ve only socially transitioned technically, not medically yet. My mom says I can take testosterone soon but we haven’t found the right doctor for that. It’s hard to find people to do that stuff for you, but I’ve socially changed my name and how I present myself.”

“I’d say to a lot of my friends and a lot of my teachers it’s been hard or awkward calling me by my new name and pronouns. There are some people who get it right away. They understand and never mess up again but for some people it takes longer especially my parents. My parents took a lot longer than I would have liked them too. Eventually everyone has been calling me my name now, and my pronouns so it’s been okay.” Schiesser explained.

“I’m happy that I changed myself, but at the same time, you know, dysphoria is hard and not having the ability to do medical stuff right now since I’m so young. Stuff like that is very expensive unless you have really rich parents you don’t get stuff like that right away.”