Online Students changed to In-person


Madilyn Lineberry

Students had the opinion of online or in-person for second semester.

Since the second semester started many all students had the opinion of online or in-person. With the pandemic happening some students choose to stay online others decided to come back to in-person learning this semester.

Georgia Warford, 10, who was digital last semester says,”It was very different from in-person. It has its perks, but also has negative aspects. It was a very wide range of differences between the two,” Warford continued by saying. “Honestly, my parents made me come in-person this semester because things happened last semester, and it was difficult. My parents thought being in-person would be easier to focus on my work.”

“I’m happy I switched, but I’m gonna miss getting to sleep in a little extra and all, but I’m grateful because it is helpful and easier to stay focused in class, when in-person.”