Senior Spotlight: Sara Nguyen


Courtesy of Sara Nguyen

Award-Winning Artist Sara Nguyen

“The Swan Girl”
Silver Key (Courtesy of Sara Nguyen)
“Quackers In My Soup”
SIlver Key (Courtesy of Sara Nguyen)
“Fish On The Line”
Gold Key (Courtesy of Sara Nguyen)

Mill Creek’s Art Department is home to some of the most talented and award-winning artists. One such artist is Sara Nguyen, 12.

She has loved art since elementary school, but she became seriously invested into art when she joined the Art Department here at Mill Creek.

“The Art Department at Mill Creek is very supportive. What they taught me personally, not just about art, was to learn new things about myself and how I can incorporate myself into my art,” said Nguyen.

While Sara loves creating both traditional and digital art, her preferred medium is digital art, more specifically using the iPad app, Procreate. When she experiences art block, she looks at the world around her everyday life and just sketches random things.

At the local level, Sara’s art has won many contests, such as the Mill Creek Holiday Card Contest and the Valentine’s Day Card Contest.

Her art has also received national recognition and earned her many notable awards. Just last fall, she submitted four pieces to the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, three of which received keys. Of those keys, one received a prestigious Gold Key, which means her art will be entered for National Awards.

To those who have been considering pursuing art but feel that it is too late, Sara says: “It’s never too late. Creativity is interminable. It never ends. If it’s something you’re interested in, I say go for it. You have nothing to lose. If anything, it could teach you to expand your ideas and your mindset. It shouldn’t be a struggle. If you put too much pressure on yourself, it’s really not that fun. You are never going to stop learning about art and figuring out your voice as an artist.”

Sara plans on Majoring in Digital Arts at The University of North Georgia and pursuing a career in art in the future. She is currently awaiting the results for a few competitions she has entered.

She is currently doing pet portrait and logo design commissions and can be reached @doodlebugsara and @sarataps on Instagram.