In person students went back at home


Madilyn Lineberry

All students were digital last week.

With the current outbreak in corona virus cases, the county has decided to go digital this week, this includes in-person students switching to digital alongside the full time digital kids.

Jenna Kiefert, 10, says, “I did think it was a good idea to send everyone home last week. I have always been digital but I work, and I recently got Corona and I know many teachers are out because of it. It’s safer for everyone.”

“Many students in-person pick up the material being taught quicker and easier. Some people need to learn in-person, just based on how often people can get side tracked, so far I think in-person learning is good. I also think our school does not do the best job for people learning online. There are a lot of assignments made for only in-person people, and I personally would like it better if it was a ‘here’s your assignments for the week. You can come in zoom at this time everyday if you would like help or for me to teach you how to do today’s assignment,’ Kiefert continued. “I don’t think zoom should be mandatory, even in advanced classes, I think you should only go if you need help for the day or want to speak to the teacher.”