how to deal with stress and anxiety during finals week


"Stress" by Alan Cleaver

Getting rid of stress

Exam stress and anxiety is something all kids in school experience, and with finals week approaching there is no doubt students are already feeling pressured.

“Unfortunately, test anxiety can actually have a negative impact on your performance,” Elizabeth Scott said on Verywell Mind.

“I start to rush on finals when I start getting stressed. It can affect my grade a lot, “ Ava-Joli Parris, 9, said.

Thankfully, there are many ways to reduce stress and anxiety.

The first thing scientists recommend is to get enough sleep.

“Getting 6 hours or less can put you into what’s called a sleep deficit, or lack of sufficient sleep. Having a sleep deficiency can actually make you less sharp mentally, which can negatively affect your performance on tests,” Scott said.

However, getting enough sleep could be proven difficult when you are worrying about your upcoming final. Here are some easy ways to make sure you get enough sleep the night before.

Study early in the day, don’t study right before you go to bed.
Avoid caffeine. Although it’ll help you stay awake during studying, it will have a negative impact when you try to go to sleep.
Have a specific time for when you want to go to sleep. This will also help you get enough sleep.
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Another way to deal with stress and anxiety, and probably the most important, is to stay calm.

“Because stress can impair your memory, it’s important to stay calm before and during tests. While that’s easier said than done, there are several stress relief techniques that can help you calm down quickly whenever you feel overwhelmed,” Scott said.

While everyone has their own way to stay calm some of the most basic ways to stay calm is to do breathing exercises.

Here is a article on how to get started with breathing exercises-

So, when thinking about your upcoming finals, keep these points in mind!

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