Results of 2020 Presidential Election


Gage Skidmore; Shealah Craighead

The two major presidential candidates.

As of Saturday, all major news outlets have announced that Mr. Joseph R Biden Jr. won the Presidency. CNN was the first to project Biden as the winner, with most other networks following in their footsteps within 15 minutes.

The election was close on Tuesday night, which scared numerous voters from both sides of the spectrum. For almost three days, the country waited on Nevada to finish counting their votes, which would give Biden the last six electoral votes he needed.

After Pennsylvania went blue, the election was looking grim for President Donald Trump. Then, following the unexpected turn of Georgia into a blue state, the election was all but decided.

Ultimately, President-Elect Joe Biden received 290 Electoral Votes, with President Trump only receiving 214. Georgia, North Carolina, and Alaska are the final three states that have yet to finish counting their votes.

There is much civil unrest in our country as of yet and President Trump is currently refusing to concede his votes, stating “the election is far from over.”

It’s safe to say to be on the lookout for the events of the following weeks.