Urban Legends to be told during this years spooky season


Isaiah Fernandez

The Spirit wears a surgical mask to cover the giant slits on her mouth. so her secret isn’t revealed until she’s in range of the one she has encountered.

Urban legends, if you didn’t know already, are regional scary stories passed down from generation to generation, These stories consist of really anything and some are known well and some are barely known at all. let’s talk about the Urban legend of Kuchisake-onna, or as many people know her as, The slit mouth woman.

The slit mouthed woman is an urban legend originating from japan, they say if you encounter this spirit at night she will look like a normal woman with a mask on, then she will ask you if she is pretty, if you respond with no she takes out a long pair of scissors and kills you, if its yes you say she will take off her mask and ask again. be warned to not show any type of distress, if she believes you are lying she will kill you, if she believes you, she should make sure she will make sure she leaves a mark on you to remember the encounter you had with her by carving a wide grin into your face just like her.

The best way to get out of this encounter is to say yes both times without any fear, then offer her a gift, then while she’s distracted run as fast as you can past her, if you fail, your body will never be found, and most survivors are extremely lucky to get away. Most of those who do make it out alive, are left with a giant grin on their face as a reminder of their encounter with the spirit.

Other tactics used consist of telling her she’s average which will confuse her, giving you enough time to run away, throwing money or candies at her as a distraction so she will pick them up and you can make a break for it, her favorite candy being a hard caramelized candy called bekko, and the finally way of getting away is saying the word pomade three times, then she will disappear and leave you alone until your next encounter.