News Staff Playlists

The newspaper staff shares their personal playlists with members of the community

Content Warning: Some of these playlist contain explicit language


Natalie Kassa: playlist
There are many songs on my different playlists, all because of the time I spend using music to cope. The playlist I have compiled for you is a small sample of songs I’ve had on my mind recently and a small preview to my love for bizarre meshing of music styles and mediums. “Baby Boy” and “The Night Me and Your Mama Met” are both from the artist Childish Gambino’s “Awaken My Love” album, and both songs combine soulful rock and vocals with electronic music in a way that sticks with me. The album follows this formula with a variety of tempoes and tones, so each song takes you through a variety of feelings and crevices in your imagination. “Burning Pile” and “Hayloft” are two selections from the “O My Heart” album by MotherMother, which is a fairly popular album, that combines country music, electronic music, rock, and fluctuating vocal styles to tell stories, stories that are usually about typical emo lost love and mental health problems. “Cry” by Ashnikko and Grimes, is fast paced and volatile, meaning it’s great to let out frustration and let out fast-paced thoughts, something that can be said for the majority of Asshnikko’s music, some of Grimes’ too. “Dr. Sunshine is Dead” by Will Wood and the Tapeworms and “In Aisles” by Nero’s Day at Disneyland are both classified as psychedelic rock, and exploring this genre will sum up what the style of these artists is. Several songs by artist Moses Sumney are on this playlist, with soulful vocals and bumping electronic music. Alt-J is an artist that I love for their bizarre vocals and combination of musical mediums, specifically country rock and electronic music. There are many songs included on the playlist, too many to include and explain here, but in case you haven’t noticed by now: these artists are all ones that often have diverse music styles and uncommon approaches to different elements of music that make it so that I fall in love with them quickly. I hope you can fall in love with them as well, or at the very least enjoy their work from time to time.

Evan Ferrell: music
I chose this playlist because it is the one that I listen to at ungodly hours of the morning when I’m feeling sad. This one is geared towards relationship problems and missing a significant other which isn’t always the case for me but it helps to hear that other people have the same problems, so I hope this playlist helps.

Abby Reamer: the playlist
This playlist is to basically promote artists of different genres and different eras. There are mostly 3 songs from each of my favorite eras, the 80s, 2010s, etc. I hope you can find some new artists to explore and listen to.

Diana Tapia: A Taste of Chase Atlantic
I made this playlist to introduce everyone to this incredibly talented, yet underrated band. This playlist consists of 13 songs, totalling to 47 minutes. The songs are from a variety of albums and EPs. I guarantee that this playlist will put you in the feels. It’s also my go-to playlist when I am angry or upset. If I had to pick one song as my favorite it would probably be a tie between “Okay” and “Swim.” While this playlist consists of only one music group, it definitely will not disappoint. All I’ll say is You’re Welcome :).

Milan Owens: Alone in the atmosphere

The playlist I’ve created is mostly made up of R&B and other sorts of music. I listen to it when I want to get in the right mind set or when I’m trying to wind down from a long day. I even listen to it when I’m stressing about life in general and maybe even school. Hope this does magically things for you. Stay safe and have an amazing Halloween!

Bree Withrow: My hype songs

I made this playlist mainly to get me in the mood for success. I would definitely say this playlist makes me feel like I can rule the world and I chose the songs here specifically for that reason. Although it is a melting pot of so many genres, it has many upbeat songs and some of my favorite artists addressing things from women empowerment to finding love. It is currently almost two hours long, but make sure to stay tuned for updates, if you want, just be sure to check it out!

Madi Lineberry: Madi’s Playlist