Everything in Apex Legends Season 7 so far


Isaiah Fernandez

The new legend Horizon has a similar robot to Lifeline, but the difference is that Horizon is used for a sort of black hole as her ultimate.

As Apex season 7 approaches we are getting more and more teasers for the new content this update. So far we are aware of the new legend, Horizon and her robot partner rumored to be here tactical and her ultimate. A lore story about Horizon and the new map that comes with her, Olympus, the city in the sky, is to be coming out as well. Additionally there is going to be a vehicle called a Trident added to the game to easily transverse this new huge map.

Finally, after all this time, Apex will be available for download on Steam on the launch of season 7 on November 4.

This patch will also include clubs, you can create your own clubs, join different communities, and much more. The apex developers have stated that at launch of season 7 there will be lots more content coming our way through the end of 2020.

People who have already been playing Apex Legends have their own opinions on this.

“I think season 7 is going to change how the game plays as a whole, I dont think a lot of people are going to like it very much but the new content will attract more players which is always good.” Josh Webb, 9, said.