Epic Student Spotlight


Courtesy of Lauren Peters

Lauren Peters, 9, is involved in the Epic program and this picture was taken during a pinwheel project.

Lauren Peters, 9, is a part of the EPIC program. The program was originally introduced to her by her brother who was also in the program.

Peters said, “I heard really good things from my brother and it seems like a really close group of people, where you can make good friends… I like the engineering aspects and all the creativity.”

Peters favorite EPIC program activity so far was a debate over Edison and Tesla of who deserves the legacy for a better inventor.

Peters said, “We had to do research for both, but then we were assigned one of them that we had to prove in a class debate where you go back and forth over who deserved the legacy of best inventor…I really enjoyed this because it forces you out there and it’s also really good for getting comfortable speaking in front of people.”

Peters does cross country after school and she says EPIC has not gotten in the way of her after school activity. She described that Epic does not require a lot of staying out of school.

Peters was originally online when the class started and said they sent out activities to students who were working from home.

Peters said, “I used to be one online and it was very hard to get that engineering feel if you’re remote, but they did send out stem kits… It makes you feel like you’re doing it with everyone, but it has definitely been harder.”

Peters advice to students starting the EPIC program were don’t be afraid to speak up in class.

Peters said, “I recommend (this program) it to anyone. I didn’t imagine myself as a engineer or anything, but it’s not just about engineering. It’s really good at cross curricular stuff and I think it would be cool for anyone.”