The Last 9th Grade Football Game


Abby Reamer

Cam Robinson, 9, running down the field to score a touchdown.

The 9th grade game against Archer happened this Thursday, Oct. 22, at Archer High School.

“The game was amazing last night from every single one of us. We all came ready to do our jobs,” Max Hammond, 9, said.

While Mill Creek won, both teams agreed they played their best.

“Although the score may not have shown it, I believe both teams played a really good game. It may not have gone our way, but both teams battled hard on both sides of the ball and Mill Creek ended up on top,” Brendan-Robert Rogers, 9, a player on Archer’s 9th grade team said.

The Hawks won 36-14.

When concluding the season, the boys were reminiscent of all the games.

“The best thing about the season was getting to experience what highschool football feels like and play together as one big team,” Nevaeh Hill, 9, said.

“I would say the best part is the energy given off by my teammates and the atmosphere after the game and on the buses,” Levi Roach, 9, said.

The boys talked about things they would miss from the season.

“The things I’m gonna miss are the pictures of course, but most importantly being on the field with that group of teammates,” Hammond said.

One thing the players agreed on was that the best was having an undefeated season.

“I think the best thing that has happened this season was going undefeated. What the team did was unselfish. No matter who scored or made a play everyone was happy and celebrating,” Josh Anglin, 9, said.

“Our team did our best. We always came to practice and worked hard to accomplish what we wanted,” Hill said.

So with the football season coming to a close, the 9th grade hawks had an undefeated season.