Super Mario 3D all stars Review


Isaiah Fernandez

Super Mario 3D All Stars has sold 15 million units in japan alone and many more world wide.

Mario fans have wanted to see returns of old 3D Mario games on the Nintendo switch since release of it and now it’s finally happened, Nintendo included Super Mario 64 (1996), Super Mario Sunshine (2002), and Super Mario Galaxy (2007) in a collection of All three games in one.

The games run pretty impressively even though they are run on an emulator, they run amazing and feel like actual games made for the switch. The Frames Per Second (FPS) is perfect between all three games, each game having its own fixed Fps so it doesn’t look weird or play differently than the originals. There’s nothing different between the original versions of the games and these new upscaled versions besides a few bugs with emulation so I don’t need to go into the gameplay of each of the 3 games themselves.

Now for the downsides of the games, This game is a limited time offer, after march 2021 this game will no longer be able to be purchased in stores and online. This is to sway people to buy a switch and the game this holiday season so while you pay $60 for the game now, people after march could be paying over the cost of a switch to get this game. This is the only main downside to it, other small downsides include you can’t use other controllers besides pro controllers and joycons. Galaxy 2 not being included is another turn off for most fans, some people think it’s not worth the price because of just the inclusion of only three games and missing out of Galaxy 2, which fans still have to play on the Wii until further notice.

In conclusion, I would rate this collection of games 8.5 out of 10. The games issues are barely noticeable and don’t harm your experience in the slightest. This collection of games is worth the $60 price tag, even if it is just an emulator on the switch.