9th Grade Volleyball Season So Far


Abby Reamer

Melissa Braga, 9, serving the ball.

The ninth grade volleyball team had their last games before the tournament and finals last Wednesday, Sep. 30.

“The season has been really good so far and we’ve won most of our games,” Victoria Freeland, 9, said.

The last two games were against Dacula and Archer, and they took place at Dacula High School.

“Although it wasn’t our best game, we all finally started communicating better and working as a team. We started to cover for each other which we had been working on in practice and finally executed it out on the court,” Madison Northcutt, 9, said.

The team lost their first game against Dacula by losing both sets.

“We could have definitely beat Dacula, but we were just not in our game I would say,” Freeland said.

Although they lost the game against Dacula, they won their second game against Archer by winning both sets.

“We were more energized and confident in the Archer game. We really wanted to go to the ninth grade championship and we were fighting harder than ever,” Melissa Braga, 9, said.

The ninth grade team lost in the championship against North Gwinnett by losing both sets.

“I believe this season was a great win. Even though we did not win the championship, I think our team really pulled through and did such a good job working as a team,” Braga said

The ninth grade volleyball season has come to a close, and there will be no more games.

“Watching our team get better and making new friends has been the best thing that has happened this season. I loved meeting new people and most importantly growing as a team with these new friends!” Northcutt said, giving her final statement about this year’s season.