The first 9th grade football home game


Abby Reamer

Cameron Shugrue, 9, and team, running as the kicker kicks off the game

The 9th grade football home game against Mountain View was held this past Thursday at 6 p.m.

This was the first home game for the 9th grade team.

“I felt pretty confident that we were gonna go out there and handle business as long as everyone did their jobs…and they did,” Justin Content, 9, said.

After winning their last game against Lanier, the boys were confident about winning this game.

“We were very confident that we were gonna win [the game], that has to be your mindset before every game. We performed well last night, but not our best,” Brian Retter, 9, a right guard and defensive end on the team said.

This was the second football game on the new turf field.

“The new turf field helped us a lot yesterday because of the weather. If it would have been a grass field the game would have been real sloppy because the grass would be wet, but the turf let us play just fine,” Henry Pangle, 9, a safety on the team said.

This game differed from the first time the team played against Lanier.

“Last night’s game we were more physical and ready to play compared to last week’s game. We knew what to expect and went out there and proved ourselves,” Retter said

The boys knew they had to play hard to win this game.

“There’s always room for improvement but I feel the team played very fast and physical. We came into the game very confident, still knowing we had to play very well to beat this team,” Running back and outside linebacker Josh Anglin, 9, said.

Mill creek beat Mountain View 45-6

“No matter how good we did in the first half, I think we did even better in the second[half],” Jonathan Alvarado, 9, nose and left guard said.

The next ninth grade game on Thursday, sep. 24 at 7 p.m.