Turf field

Over the past summer, Mill Creek High School was a part of a big transformation. Five high schools had modifications to their school football fields turning them into artificial turf fields.
After Gwinnett County told Principal Jason Lane and Coach Shannon Jarvis, the former athletic director, the parameters of the construction, the two got together over the summer to talk about the new turf field. Principal Lane and Coach Jarvis tried to keep the design and the way the field looks to be similar as the previous years. However, this year, the field has alternating panels and a slight difference to the design.

“We tried to involve some sports because it would affect them as well,” Jason Lane, FA, said.

Along with football, there are other sports who play on the field. They modified according to other sports because the field would be affecting them as well. So they got opinions of what the other coaches wanted on the field.

Playing on the turf field would be more beneficial for the players. The field would be less muddy and more smooth to play on.

“The difference from last year to this year will be playoff time. When the playoffs come it tends to be wet and cold and playing on the turf field, the field won’t be muddy and it will be easier to play on,” Nick Kava, 12, said.

The turf field has many pros for the players to be playing on it. Over the summer, there was a G-Max testing on the grass field to measure the impact on the field, for when somebody falls down. The results were that the numbers were lower than the impact ratings for the grass field. As a result, our school has gotten moved up to the list to get changed to the turf field. For the players, it is a more consistent playing surface, and the field tends to be a bit more cooler.