Spotlight: Sydney Sawyer


Madilyn Lineberry

Sydney Sawyer is a new chemistry teacher this year.

Sydney Sawyer is a new chemistry teacher this year at the school.

Sawyer said, ”I graduated from the University of Georgia, so I actually went to Mill Creek High School and then I went to UGA and graduated from there.” Sawyer continued by saying, ”When I first went to college, I was pre-med when I went in, and I was a biology major, that’s what my degree is in. I have a degree in biology, and I have a spanish minor. Some things changed throughout my years in college and you have a lot of different experiences that I had. I still had a passion for science and still really liked it. But medical school was not the path I was on anymore.”

“I really loved being at Mill Creek, and I was helping coach last year(cheerleading) and enjoyed working with this age of students so I decided that teaching might be a good path, now I’m here.” Sawyer continues to coach the Mill Creek cheerleading team.

Before going to college Sawyer was a student at Mill Creek, the graduating class of 2014. “I thought it was going to be a little bit different being on the teacher side of it because I was so used to the student side of Mill Creek. Though it also felt like I never felt because I have younger siblings who stayed here so I stayed involved, even throughout my time in college. So it feels like home.” Sawyer said, “It’s a lot easier coming into a school that I know, especially as a new teacher.”

Sawyer finished by saying, “My first year teaching I just hope I gain a little bit more comfort working with students and being able to adapt to different situations. I feel like even over the past month that we’ve had every day has brought something new, whether it’s a technology challenge, or just having to deal with partial digital learning and partial in person here so it’s just been a juggle. I hope to gain, or for lack of a better term, to roll with the punches a little when they don’t work out quite as planned.”