Tyler Gemell Spotlight


Dana Ballard

Tyler Gemmell playing at last years All State Orchestra.

Sophomore cellist Tyler Gemell has been selected to be a member of this year’s National Youth Symphony Orchestra. The program received over a thousand auditions from students across the country this year.

Gemmell went through the audition process this summer, which was conducted through video submission. “I’m not sure how it was done before, but I think it might have been the same,” Gemmell said, “It was a video audition and I had to put a stopwatch in it to make sure I didn’t edit the video.”

Gemmell is the first person from Mill Creek to ever be a member of this ensemble. Due to covis-19, the event has been temporarily cancelled, and may be rescheduled to be a virtual event. No final decision has been made on how to proceed with the event.

Gemmell says, “I audition for everything I can because the experience is good. You know, the more experience you have, the easier it is to audition the second time”.