Summer Band Camp During Covid


Madison Whitehead

Marching Band during practice on August 22.

This past summer, the Pride of Mill Creek band camp had a Covid case. Group 1, flutes and clarinets, were sent home and could not return to the camp.

Covid has caused a lot of changes. Changes like cancelations, new rules/requirements, the pushing back of events, and events ending early.

In the first three days of the camp someone was revealed to have caught Coronavirus and group one was sent home.

Emily Ruehman, 10, said, “I guess somebody in group one took a test before band camp, and then they went to band camp for the first three days… They tested positive, so we couldn’t go to band camp the next week… Groups two and three stayed the full two weeks.”

After this event, they added a question to the questionnaire whenever you are about to go to band practice.

Ruehman, 10, said, “… Teachers, they added a question saying, ‘Are you waiting for test results?”

The POMC Band Camp was split into different groups based upon the instruments they played to appease Covid regulations and restrictions.

Taylor Jones, 10, said, “In the morning we had to go in a line, and it was socially distanced, so we stayed at a cone. Then they took our temperature and I think asked us questions about symptoms… Once they did that you could go in (to band practice).”

The regulations the band camp used were used for protection of the students that went.

Ruehman,10, said, “… If this Covid situation is going to be next year, and if the virus will be around, then I feel okay with (how the regulations) were this year.”

Jones, 10, said, “I think I still would go (to the POMC band camp next year even with Covid-19). Because I feel safe wearing a mask… the precautions they did were not a hassle.”